Charlie and - FAQ

  1. Where will the ceremony take place?
    On the parlor car of the Strasburg Railroad located just outside Lancaster, PA. There is a maximum of 30 people that can ride in the ceremony car. This will be reserved for close family and the wedding party. We will be reserving a coach car for those not in the ceremony car.
  2. What time is the ceremony?
    The ceremony will be held on the 4:00PM train. This train will begin boarding at 3:45pm and leave promptly at 4pm. If you are riding either the ceremony car or any other car please get to the railroad no later than 3:30pm.
  3. How will I know what car to ride?
    Your invitation will state if you are in the Parlor Car (ceremony) or the coach car. If you are in the Marion Parlor Car please meet at Post #1 (or slightly beyond that towards the control tower). If you will be riding the Coach Car, your invitation will state this. The reserved Coach Car is adjacent to the Dining Car. A red cap will be able to tell you which car is the reserved Coach Car.
  4. Do I have to ride the train?
    No you donít have to ride the train. All guests will be able to ride the train for free but if you want to arrive later and come to the reception that is your decision.
  5. What time should I arrive if I am not riding the train?
    The train will arrive back at the station at 4:45pm. You are welcome to greet us when we return, or you can join us at the reception at 5:45pm

In between ceremony and reception
  1. What happens from the time I get off the train (4:45pm) until the start of the reception (5:30pm)?
    We will be having an informal receiving/ photo taking area on the train platform. At this time you may talk with the bride and groom, the wedding party or fellow guests or take pictures with us or anyone else.
  2. What if it is cold and I donít want to be outside?
    You may cross the street to the Railroad Museum and relax in their lobby until the reception doors open at 5:45pm.
  3. What happens if it rains?
    In the event of rain not much will change. The train is covered and the reception is indoors. Bring an umbrella for when you are boarding and exiting the train because the platform will be outside. If it is raining after everyone has exited the train we will move the receiving area to inside the lobby of the museum.
  1. Where will the reception be held?
    The Railroad Museum of PA in the Rolling Stock Hall. The museum is across the street from the Strasburg Railroad.
  2. What time is the reception?
    The reception will begin around 6:00pm with seating starting at 5:45pm. The reception will conclude around 10pm.
  3. What kind of food will be served?
    A menu and photos can be found here. We will not be having a wedding cake.
  4. Will there be alcohol?
    Yes we will be providing open bar.
  5. What type of entertainment will be provided?
    We are having the reception in a museum so we hope that you will take advantage of what it provides and tour the museum after dinner. We will be having a DJ but will not be having the traditional wedding dances/events. He will be there to provide you with dinner music and light dance music after dinner for your listening and dancing pleasure.
  6. How will I know where to sit at the reception?
    We will have 2 gentlemen who will provide you with a punched ticket as to your table name, which will be a famous passenger train.
  7. Why is there a gap between the ceremony ending and the reception beginning?
    The museum is still open to the public until 5:00pm. Our reception vendors are not allowed to begin setup until 4:00pm. We also cannot have guests enter the museum until 5:30pm. This is museum policy not ours.

Other questions
  1. How do I get to the ceremony and reception location?
    Directions can be found here. Parking is available at either the railroad or the museum. We suggest parking at the museum and walking across the street to the railroad. Finding you car after the reception will be made easier this way.
  2. What should I wear?
    Dress as you would for any other traditional wedding. You donít need a tux, but donít wear jeans either. If it is chilly outside that day, bring/wear a jacket because there will be times you will be outside. The reception location is not heated so ladies may want to bring/wear a jacket, shawl, wrap, etc. to cover up with if they get cold.
  3. I am from out of town. Where can I stay?
    We have not reserved a block of rooms at any hotel. Rather we would like to leave that decision up to you so you can find a place that best suits your needs and price range. We suggest the many accommodations on Rt 30 in Lancaster. These hotels are only about 10 min from the railroad and are easily accessible. For a complete list of accommodations in the Lancaster area please visit this website.
  4. Are children invited?
    Due to the nature of the museum, we ask all guests be over 13 years of age.

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