Charlie and - Engagement

Shelly has always been a fan of Broadway. Charlie has liked some Broadway things as well, but mostly when his favorite actress, Joanna Gleason, does something on Broadway. The stars aligned when Joanna Gleason took the role of Muriel Eubanks in the Broadway comedy hit Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.

Charlie and Shelly went to see the show six times, but it was their fifth time that will perhaps be most memorable. On February 22nd 2006 the couple had front row center seats - right behind the conductor. Plus, the couple had arrangements to go backstage after the show and hang out with the talented Greg Jbara.

Well, during intermission, Charlie popped the question and pulled out the ring - TADA!

The picture you see on the right was the first shot of the couple after their engagement and was taken outside of the stage door of the theater. The couple is with the kind, talented, and all-around awesome actor Greg Jbara.

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