Charlie and - Bios

Name: Shelly Wenrich
Role: Bride
Occupation: HR
Hobbies: Lucille Ball, Broadway, and Trains.
Name: Charlie Zimmerman
Role: Groom
Occupation: Computers
Hobbies: Trains, Computers, Photography, and Joanna Gleason
Name: Liz Alves
Role: Matron of Honor
Occupation: Teacher
Hobbies: E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES!!!!
Name: Jeremy Gladfelter
Role: Best Man
Occupation: Attending meetings.
Hobbies: Cleveland Browns, eBay, and Trains.
Name: Jeffrey K. Sprecher
Role: Officiant
Occupation: Judge
Hobbies: The judge has two beautiful grandchildren (if you have an hour, ask him about them) and he enjoys chess and is an avid road bicyclist. "In 15 years on the bench, I have performed over 100 weddings at various locations in and outside of Berks County, but have imposed far more prison sentences in the courtroom."

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